Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal Maintenance Woodland Hills, CA

At Woodland Hills Family Dentistry, we are committed to your oral health. While we recommend that most patients visit us at least once every six months, more frequent cleanings may be necessary based on individual situations. Our dentists will recommend that you visit our office every three months if you suffer from the gum disease known as periodontitis. Unfortunately, this chronic disease cannot be cured—but it can be controlled with regular periodontal maintenance.

What is Periodontal Maintenance?

If you have periodontal disease that has resulted in bone loss, gum “pockets” deeper than 4 millimeters, bleeding gums, exposed root surfaces, or if you have had periodontal surgery or root planing to treat periodontal disease, then periodontal maintenance scaling is needed to maintain gum and bone health.

This procedure includes removal of plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line, all the way down the length of each tooth to where the root, gum, and bone meet. Rough areas of the roots are smoothed if needed, pocket depths are carefully monitored, and inflamed pockets may be irrigated with antibacterial medicine if necessary.

Periodontal maintenance is usually performed 3 to 4 times a year, depending on several factors: how quickly the plaque and tartar accumulate, how much bleeding or inflammation is present, how stable the present condition is, how well you are able to maintain your teeth at home on a daily basis, and any health risk factors you may have.

How Is Periodontitis Controlled?

While it is not possible to completely remove the bacteria that builds up in your mouth, periodontal maintenance can prevent it from becoming a serious problem. Generally, it takes three months for the bacteria to begin to spread rapidly, necessitating more frequent cleanings. Periodontal maintenance is extremely important because patients who do not have thorough, frequent cleanings tend to lose at least twice as many teeth over the course of their life. Thorough oral hygiene habits are also necessary for controlling periodontitis. Our team will gladly teach you how to care for your smile if you are diagnosed with periodontitis.

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