Dental Implant

Dental Implants Woodland Hills, CA

If you are tired of missing teeth, dental implants may be the right solution for you. Dental Implant technology has revolutionized how we replace missing teeth, and our experienced dentists can help you permanently restore your smile.

  • Maintaining the integrity of your bone structure
  • Preserving the health of adjacent teeth
  • Distributing bite forces evenly throughout the mouth
  • Improving the facial appearance by preventing bone loss
  • Functioning and feeling like natural teeth
  • Improving speaking ability

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant consists of placing a small titanium screw below the gum into the upper or lower jawbone, which can then secure a new single tooth or set of teeth. Titanium is able to fuse with bone, allowing the screw to anchor and support new teeth so that they feel and function like natural teeth. Implants are stable and comfortable, don’t need adjustments, and offer a permanent solution to missing teeth.

What Is a Dental Implant?


Our experienced staff takes the time to create your custom treatment plan through the use of specialized imaging and three-dimensional viewing.


Our Woodland Hills Family Dentistry specialist will place the dental implant in the ideal spot to form the gum tissue around the implant.


The bone around the dental implant will grow and integrate with the new implant in a matter of a few weeks as you heal.


If the dental implant is in a visible area, a temporary restoration may be placed for aesthetic purposes while the site heals.


When healing is complete, the dental implant abutment is placed to connect the dental implant to the porcelain crown.


Once your custom porcelain crown is created to your exact specifications, we bond the crown to the abutment, and you can enjoy your dazzling new smile.

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